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Divination, Consultation, Counseling

Therapeutic conversations and spiritual coaching to help you work through personal challenges in areas such as relationships, finances, family, friendships, work, and more. 


We endeavor to create a global village through local communities coming together to learn, study, and grow. 

Sacred Ceremony and Initiations 

We are a full service Ile offering ceremonies such as Weddings, Healings, Rites, and Initations In the Ifa Orisa Tradition and other African Diaspora Traditions. 

Workshops and Classes

Education online and in person. 

Who we are

Welcome to the online home of ASHE Soul Global Village  formally known as Ori Temple. Located in St. Louis, Mo USA, Ashe Soul is a global spiritual community of healers, seekers, priests, devotees, and initiates who embrace the Ancestral Wisdom of Africa and the African Diaspora.
Our mission is to facilitate healing, wholeness through self development , spiritual enlightenment, and alignment with nature.
Be a vehicle for community empowerment and education

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A set of Ground breaking books to learn and study our tradition

New and Hot off the Press

Book of Odu Ifa 

A collection of ancient Ifa verses from the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Get your personal copy and begin studying the ancient wisdom today. 

Beginning workbook for people who want to learn about the West African Ifa Orisa tradition in the Diaspora 

Hand of Ifa

For people who have a hand of Ifa or who wish to deepen their walk with Ifa

Iyanifa Women of Wisdom

An anthology of writings from and by Iyanifas in the Diaspora

Book of Odu Ifa

A light collection of Ifa verses 256 odus

Discover Your Life Path & Soul's Purpose

What Orisa Crowns You? 

An Orisa is a force of nature expressed in the Ifa Orisa tradition as a divinity. These divinities have incarnated multiple times through history and are aligned with nature itself.  Orisa can support your life through empowering you to be the best you possible.  Many people searching on this path are asked this question and it can ONLY be found through special divination process utilizing consecrated tools from a trained initiated priest.

We can help answer this question  and more in an Ori Life Path Divination. This is an in depth divination  designed to help you navigate your life better by helping you understand the path you as a soul chose to take upon being born. This session includes multiple methods in addition to Ifa Divination to reveal to you the following"

  • What you should be doing to get the most out of your life. 
  • What you should be learning from your life experiences
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls and blocks
  • Which Orisas supports you the most and if you are called to their priesthood

Reclaim Your Ancestral Spiritual Heritage 

Deepen your understanding about your spiritual lineage through an Ancestral Lineage Reading. 
This is a specialized divination designed to offer insight into your ancestral gifts to be maximized  and challenges to be healed. This reading will examine your mother and father's line and will determine which Orisa governs the family. This reading will explore potential ethnic groups as well if accompanied with DNA report.

Take a Course To Learn how to Work with your Ancestors effectively
 Receive a Consecrated Ancestral Shrine to enhance your ancestral work. 

Our Founders & Chief Priests

Awo Okikifa Sangodare Oluso Falade

Co Founder, Chief Priest, Ajaguna Omilere

Baba O is initiated to the mysteries of  Ifa, Obatala, Danballah, Sango, Obaluaye, Egbe, and Osun.  He is crowned as Ajaguna Omilere USA  (Chief Warrior Priest) .  Born with strong psychic abilities and trained in the Isese traditions of Ifa, he offers deeply powerful and insightful spiritual consultations and divinations that stir the soul. He is able to channel ancestors and spiritual guides( egbe) to give you the clarity you need to move forward.  You can find out more and make an appointment with him by clicking HERE

Oba Chief Dr. Abiye Ayele Kumari

Co Founder, Chief Priestess, Yeyelawo, Iya Abiye,  Iya Mode, Otun  Amunifawuni Ibadan

Chief Abiye is a world renowned author of several books, a prominent Iyanifa and Olorisa ( Ifa /Orisa Priestes), a professor, traditional healer, and Spiritual life coach. She was crowned Obabinrin Olokun Omilere (Queen Mother Olokun) as well as Iya Abiye Ogboni, Iya Mode Egungun USA and Otun Iwa Amunifawuni in Ibadan, Nigeria. To find out more about her , click here . To  make an appointment click HERE

Discover the Sacred Mysteries of the Ifa Orisa Wisdom Tradition

The Ifa Orisa tradition is an ancient spiritual tradition from West Africa and African Diaspora. This tradition dates back to time immoral and is rooted in nature, ancestral relationships, and personal evolution. People in the African Diaspora are discovering spiritual empowerment and healing through embracing the spiritual legacy of West Africa. 

  • We are all connected. 
  • Everything has purpose and all problems have solutions. 
  • We are all on a spiritual Journey and our lives have purpose. 
  • Through connecting with nature and forces of nature, we can transform our lives.  
  • In order to heal, it must happen spiritually as well as physically
  • All problems have solutions.