ATR Friendly Therapist

For Licensed Therapist that are practitioners or open to African Traditional Spiritual Practices

ATR Friendly Licensed Therapist

People who are involved in Non Judeo Christian traditions such as African Traditional Religions often have unique needs due to our practices. Divination is one form of how problems are solved with devotees. Mentorship, Spiritual Counseling, and Life Coaching may be offered by by priest that have that training. But many priests do not have that training and there are some times when the client doesnt need a divination, but may need therapy from a licensed therapist.. Often therapy can be covered with insurance as well. While therapist are supposed to be objective, there are sometimes stigmas and judgements attached to our practices due to social bias. Its important that those seeking therapy are able to seek therapy without judgment and ideally with a therapist who may understand and not feel as if they must hide that part of themselves from their therapist.

The following is a list of therapist who are either ATR practitioners themselves, and/ or are at least friendly and understand the special needs of ATR devotees. Many offer distance services and or Slaiding scale. While some can only act as licensed therapists in the state they are licensed in, they still may be able to offer Life Coaching using their counseling skills for distance clients.

Disclaimer: Please investigate the best therapist for you. We make no claims nor recommendations to a particular therapist. This is only to be a resource.

If you are an ATR friendly licensed therapist and wish to be added to this list, please feel free to TEXT your name and contact information and relevant links at 314-827-4325 

Ana Maria Serrano. LPC in Texas

Shenel Jackson Chicago, Ill

Sliding scale

Tory Graham MSW, LCSW

Guiding Tomorrow Counseling and Coaching

(469) 248-5220

Bokor / Fa Priest My primary focus is with young men/men, although i work with all…

Mariel McCullar Licensed in Georgia

Marie Evans

Charlene Johnson

Dr. Katrina Peterson California

Dina Smith Atlanta

Aina Peregede Ifamuiwa Aworeni MSW in Canada

Wainwull Nteff

Dr. Sonya Clyburn

Joy Maat

Deshannon Barnes Bowen’s

Dr. Tiffany Porter

Crystal Ifabunmi Egunsola Allen

I am an ATR friendly Holistic Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Ife Michelle

Chanda Lynne Pilgrim

Aworonke Bianca Taylor Miller

Dr. Cal Spinks

Quantum Consulting Group LLC


Seeing clients in Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, and New York.

Omitayese Ifabamise Fákáyodé

Jasmine Kinglee

Molefi Ifagbayi Adeyefa

Phone: 224.370.6871

Specialities: couples and family therapy; depression; anxiety; mindfulness meditation, African Centered Psychology

Mrs. Kendra Kelly

Monica Williams, Ph.D. Ifadamilola

licensed psychologist in Georgia.

Julius Jessup Peterson.LCSW, Atlanta,GA also licensed to serve in AL, AR, DE, GA, ID, LA, MI, MN, MD, MO, MS, SC, TN, and Utah, Florida

(404) 626-2976.

Internal family systems, somatic experiencing, and interpersonal neurobiology.

Kalila Borghini LCSW-R NYS (Apetibi Ifalola)


Leah Newman (Yaya Lango Lango) Licensed in TN. Reside in CA. Specialties :sexuality, gender, and alternative (non-Christian) spirituality. Initiated in Palm Mayombe, baptized in Sanse, and have my Elekes. or

Jas Harcum Licensed in Washington state

Gerardo Marcano, LMSW CASAC (NY), LSW (NJ), Olorisha ( Regla de Ocha) Espiritista

Area(s) of Expertise: psychodynamic psychotherapy, group work, LGBTQ issues, BIPOC issues, spirituality, gender, sexuality, persons living with HIV, sexual health and wellness, kink affirming, substance disorders, process addictions (harm reduction), CBT, trauma informed, and motivational interviewing.

Iya Fasewa (Kendall Johnson-Smith, LMSW, IFOT


Services: Psychotherapy (IFOT, CBT, ego therapy, narrative therapy, etc.), Wellness Consulting, and Ifa divination.

Juliann King, LMHC

Licensed in NY and RI for telehealth therapy

I’m passionate about helping millennial and older Gen Z Black women through my integrative, collaborative and holistic approach

Jessenia Ogunade -New York

specialize in the treatment of trauma. I work with Black & Latino law enforcement officers to achieve work life balance. I work with individual, children & families in person & online.I have been initiated in the IFA/Orisha Lucumi traditions & am also an Espiritista.

I'm licensed in NYS as an LMSW. My practice is Larimar Counseling Services or check out my website or IG @larimarcounselconsult 845 421 1985

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