Festival of Bones Ancestral Masquerade Ball
St. Louis, Mo was a success!

Join us for our 1st Annual  Egungun/ Egbe Masquerade Ball honoring our African Ancestral Roots and Soul Clans. The Masquerades were Traditional African Rites of Ancestral Remembrance where they would celebrate with food, drumming, dance, chants, and ceremony. Masks were worn to represent the veil between the world of the living and the ancestral world. In African spiritual traditions, the soul does not die out of existence. They continue on as ancestors in the spiritual realm. The relationship continues through the veil and the ancestors speak to us through the veil. The Egungun and Egbe were also called to assist and support families and communities when they were under threat. They were called for justice and healing. All attendees are invited to wear costumes of an ancestor, a cultural African hero/ Divinity, or their finest African attire. There will be an African dinner available ( meat and plant based options) and a cultural healing ceremony for the family and community.

What is Egungun?

Eegun means bones in Yoruba. They refer to the bones of our ancestors. Egungun are many ancestors as in we are the sum total who came before us. In African spiritual traditions, when people die, they don’t cease to exist. In fact they continue to exist and we continue our relationships with them.  We honor their memory In the form of celebration and allowing them to live through us too. So we bring food and drink and dancing as we invite them to celebrate in spirit with us and also to help us to address society ills that plagu us. We call on them to help us in our lives and help us with social Justice and other community challenges. 

What is Egbe ? 

Many people may have heard of Ancestors. They are the souls of blood relatives who have gone home to the spiritual realm. Egbe are not blood relatives, but are our spiritual friends,  community,  and soul clans who also exist in the spiritual realm. Also called Alaragbo, they call us to remember that “the spiritual realm ” is our home, where we came from and where we return when we leave this world.   Egbe  are particularly special to children having recently come back as old souls! We offer gifts and candy to children during the festivals.   They support our inner child through laughter, singing, and dancing along the way. Our Egbe are the friends , companions , and support you didn’t know you needed!