Become a Member of ASHE Soul Global Village 

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Per month, USD incl VAT

  • Be apart of the Ashe Soul Community 
  • Limited access  to Ashe Soul archives of videos discussions.
  • Access to ongoing learning and development opportunities  
  • 5% Discounts on initiations and ceremonies 
  • Access to Chief Abiye via limited private emails.  
  • 10% Discounts on materials, tools and supplies 
  • Opportunity to consult Ifa or orisa with Chief Abiye Ayele Kumari ( Members only)
  • Access to the Ashe Soul private/members-only Social network where you can take part in discussions, ask questions and make connections with other members

Main Village Membership


Per month, USD incl VAT

  •  For people who wish to study directly under Chief Abiye and Or Baba O 
  • All of the basic PLUS 15% Discount on initiation and ceremonies for self 
  • 15% discount on Shrines and tools .
  • You are spiritually supported through your Isese journey personally 
  • Access to Chief Abiye for questions via direct online chat and limited personal phone calls/  texts (limited off hours)  
  • Access level appropriate  learning opportunities, courses, and programming Learning opportunities via direct participation in rituals and ceremonies 
  • Access to ASHE Soul festivals  
  • Participate in exclusive Village video chats, online discussions and teleclasses
  • Inclusion in Ifa Orisa prayers and ebos for the ASHE soul community  
  • Access to Temple library with study materials, ebooks, and exclusive content.  Access to Ashe Soul Video and audio archives from previous sessions 
  • Affiliate kick back for any referral that results in a Main membership or above.

Exclusive (Awo) 


Per month, USD incl VAT

  • All of the Basic and Main village PLUS 
  • Required for those who initiated under Chief Abiye and are considered Priesthood members  
  • Access to Exclusive priesthood level EDUCATION and ONGOING TRAINING for priesthood and advanced members.  
  • 20% off or more for  additional initiations and ceremonies for self and ceremonies for your children ( Conditions apply)  
  • Personal phone calls and personal access 
  • Spiritual support during personal life crisis  
  • Access to Priesthood library 
  • Opportunity to establish a Ashe Soul starter community in your local area.

Disclaimer: Membership into Ashe Soul is not an implication that you are a god child of Iya Ayele Kumari or Baba Okikifa. This status requires special requirements to be fulfilled. Requirements: Ifa Confirmation of suitability, Mutual agreement of all parties including the members of ile. Initiation by us Or 1 year minimum to get to know each other if not initiated by us. Code of conduct agreement.